Lets take a look how it works step by step

1. Account

Register your account and once you get email notification activate your account. You can login even without activating the account but your profile will be invisible to other users

Complete your profile

2. Complete your profile

Add some basic information to help tutor be more familiar with you.

3. Find appropriated tutor

Select the topic and find the best match. You can ask tutor a question or just proceed to the lesson request


4. Submit lessons request through Requests dialog

Once student sent lesson request, all communications will be performed from Requests page. In case tutor agreed with date and time he or she just accepts the request and lesson will be created. In case the lesson can not be accepted tutor just reply with new dates or reject the request

5. Your lessons

You can see the lessons on the Lessons page. At the scheduled time, student and tutor enter into the “Classroom”, click Connect or Accept the call whatever comes first. After the class, tutor follow up with homework or review in Lesson Folder. Recorded video will be stored in the Lesson Folder as well.

Your lessons

6. Virtual classroom

Virtual classroom allows student to communicate tutor one on one via video chat, text chat and work with pre-loaded education materials (images).

7. Ask community for help

Questions is another way to find the tutor. Just ask questions on the Question page. Your question will be routed to the most appropriated tutor.

Ask question