About us

erudit ‎(plural erudits) An erudite person, a scholar, especially in French contexts.

We started Erudit Net about two years ago. It is our vision on education platform of the nearest future. Our idea is to build simple to use and self organizing platform for people who want to learn or teach. You don’t need to be a professional tutor to start teaching.

We deeply analyzed many educational platforms and willing to provide tool that allows people to communicate and collaborate. Our platform is powerful tool for every curious person.

Welcome and enjoy!

Aleksey Telyshev

Aleksey passionate about software development especially SaaS solutions that used in everyday life. He has more then 20 years experience in mission critical systems design and implementation.

Aleksey Berdnikov

Aleksey is pure R&D person, has deep knowledge in low level software design as well as highly scalable Web UI.