First time I heard about online education from my friend who was taking vocal classes from future Nightwish singer. He was making arrangements via e-mail and then books his lesson with PayPal payment, and finally had his lesson over Skype. Teacher was in Europe and him in US. That system worked amazingly well. What was upset me that he should dig Craigslist then send emails and, pay money and all that components were completely independent. Internet gives us way to conduct pure international online education. But something is wrong here, right?
And how can you argue and get your money back if tutor just not what you expected or was lazy and not prepared. Another story is about good teachers who live in small towns and work in local universities. They should have very competitive rate due their cost of living. But doesn’t mean they are bad. Why not join them with students from areas with higher cost of living and make a good compromise. Finally, many people is really shy, they would like to teach but don’t want to have long negotiations, conversations, share the phone. They don’t even want to give somebody their e-mail.
So this is why Erudit Net is going to be helpful. We are going to provide all in one service that could solve all above problems. Plus it considered as place for knowledgeable people to communicate, collaborate and help the other members of our service. We are implementing Clubs. The Clubs are copying traditional universities club structure, with Board, President and even twice a year Board election procedures.
We are strongly believe this is time to move Universities culture into the Internet. So join us!